Hape City Parking Garage

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In and out, up and down. Multi-level parking keeps cars on the move.

Use your child's collection of vehicles to fill the parking spaces. Use words such as "ramps," "levels", and "exit" to describe the garage. When you enter a real parking garage, point out the levels and entrances and exits. 

Hape's City Parking Garage provides your children's toy cars with a place to park without needing to worry about make-believe two-hour parking limits on imaginary city streets. The City Parking Garage has three levels of parking and a helipad for the city's high rollers. The structure is connected by ramps and by a garage elevator that services the entire structure. The set comes with three cars and one helicopter. For ages three years and up. "• The City Parking Garage by Hape has more than enough space for your entire small car collection AND a helicopter! •

- The City Parking Garage by Hape consists of five pieces: the playset, three small wooden cars, and one small wooden helicopter.

- Made from Birch plywood, solid Maple wood, and recycled plastic. Graphics are screen-printed directly on the wood.

- Finished with child-safe, water-based paint.

- Dimensions: 22.83”L x 11.42”W x 17.58”H

- Made from sustainable materials. • Surfaces wipe clean

Age: 3+ Years

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