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DermaFrida Bathmitt

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Designed to be worn by children or adults, DermaFrida the Bath Mitt lets your little one "do it myself," and lets you take over anytime. No way you can trust this job to someone who can't even wipe their own butt. So put an end to tub tantrums and throw away that smelly washcloth - now your kid can get their scrub on and so can you.

  • ONE MITT WONDER designed to be worn by kids for "do it myself" moments or adults to get them clean
  • SAYONARA SMELLY WASHCLOTHS with the bacteria-resistant silicone Bath Mitt
  • CHILD FIT thumb thru hole to fit like a mitt for kid to get their scrub on
  • GROWN-UP FIT thumb out to take over at anytime and get the dirty job done
  • STAY-PUT SUCTION CUP sticks to tub for quick-dry easy access - no more drippy washcloths

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