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EcoSouLife Biodegradable Rice Hush Potty

Price in points: 750 points

Biodegrable potty from Eco Soulife is made from vegetable wast matter, bamboo, corn starch adn PLA resin with water based colours. This potty will naturally biodegrade once buried under the ground. The lack of oxygen adn increased bacteria will break it down in only 2-3 years.

Biodegradable simply means to be consumed by micro-organisms and return to natural compounds found in nature. Complies with FAD and Dishwasher Safe Testing, international test standards.

  • Great for home and cottage use, yet portable enough and perfect for all your camping, adventure travel, car trips or taken on a picnic or hike or to the beach as well. A great add on
  • Bamboo products are totally reusable, can be used and washed over and over but will completely biodegrade back into the earth in 2-3 years once buried in the ground at the end of their live cycle.
  • Reusable, Dishwasher Safe and Heat Resistant.
  • Made from natural materials that are environmentally friendly alternatives to harmful plastic, melamine, glass and other non-eco-friendly materials.
  • BPA Free, Melamine Free, Toxic Free. Made from all natural materials