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Charlie Banana Double Sized Organic Cotton Wipes - 10 pack

Price in points: 1250 points

 Charlie Banana® wipes are ideal for wiping a baby's delicate skin. They are made from organically grown cotton and are free of chemicals, perfumes, and chlorine.

The single-sided wipes consist of one layer of soft organic cotton and the double-sided wipes feature organic cotton on one side, fleece on the other. They are strong enough to handle the dirtiest of diapers, but won't harm or irritate your baby. Wet them with a little warm water and your baby will enjoy diaper time every time!

Charlie Banana® wipes are useful for other tasks as well. Use them to remove make-up, cool off a feverish child, wipe a runny nose or some spilled milk. They are long-lasting items that we love.

9x9 Inches  

MATERIALS: 100% organic cotton, 10 wipes