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Pure Rest Organic Cotton + EcoWool Regular Fill Comforter

Price in points: 6800 points
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Crib size: 31x 53", weight 15oz

Colour: Natural Damask

A nice hand tufted regular fill toddler wool comforter just right for the winter chills!

Wool is one of the most optimal fill options for comforters due to its natural temperature regulating properties and bacterial resistance. This comforter features an organic cotton damask outer and organically processed ecowool for the inner. The damask outer is sturdier than the sateen outer, great for those with dogs, children, or who just prefer such.

  • Wool helps to regulate your temperature, keeping you in your optimal comfort zone
  • Eco wool and cotton sateen are free of harmful chemicals, including fire retardants
  • Wool helps to calm the body and lower the heart rate in turn supporting deep and restful sleep
  • Pure wool and cotton are naturally hypo-allergenic

The comforter is hand tufted to prevent shifting. Comforters are spot clean only. A duvet cover is recommended if such is of a concern. Spot clean using 1 part natural cleaner or vinegar to 2 parts water. 

This item is not refurnable once opened.

Made in U.S.A.